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acu-punc-ture (noun)
an originally Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points especially to cure disease, relieve pain, or promote healing.
Merriam- Webster Medical Dictionary 
  • How does acupuncture work?
    Acupuncture stimulates blood circulation into the area being treated. Blood carries oxygen and white blood cells, which assists with the healing process. Acupuncture also stimulates the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins contribute to a feeling of overall well-being in addition to performing as a powerful pain reducer.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    Most people don’t feel the needles being inserted. Occasionally, someone will feel a quick sting as the needle is inserted. If the discomfort lasts for any length of time, I can adjust the point or the treatment.
  • How do I prepare for an acupuncture treatment?
    Eat. I’m working with your body’s energy, give it some fuel before you come in. Wear loose comfortable clothing, if I can access your knees down and elbows down, you may not need to disrobe.
  • How do you diagnose?
    A Chinese medical diagnosis is different from a medical doctor’s diagnosis. Chinese medicine sees you as a reflection of nature. I may diagnose you with heat, stagnation or even rebellious energy somewhere in your body. It’s okay. We can work on it together.
  • Why are you scheduling multiple treatments?
    Acupuncture is working with your body’s energy to heal itself. For long term or severe conditions, multiple treatments are needed for long term results.
  • What is Collagen Induction Therapy?
    Collagen Induction Therapy is more commonly called microneedling. This is a treatment which opens channels on the surface of the skin which allows product to be absorbed deeper into the skin layers. It also creates an enviornment to encourage collagen production. Collagen improves the skins elasticity of the skin and will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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